Proceedings of the 8th International Python Conference

January 24 - 27, 2000
Arlington, VA, USA

Keynote Speaker: The Magic Cauldron
Eric Raymond

Python Futures

The Python Module Distribution Utilities: An Introduction to the Distutils (pdf) (postscript)
Gregory P. Ward, Corporation for National Research Initiatives

Aggressive Type Inference (pdf file)
John Aycock, University of Victoria

Continuations and Stackless Python Or "How to change a Paradigm of an existing Program" (pdf)
Christian Tismer, Virtual Photonics GmbH

Keynote Speaker: Computer Programming for Everybody
Guido van Rossum, CNRI

Database and Networking

Introduction to the Zope Object Database (pdf)
Jim Fulton, Digital Creations

Netware Programming with Python (pdf)
Brad Clements, MurkWorks, Inc.
(Due to a cancellation this paper was not presented at the conference)

Integrating Diverse Data Sources with Gadfly 2 (pdf)
Aaron Watters, Chordate Systems

Keynote Speaker: The Alice Virtual RealitySystem
Randy Pausch


Building Components for a Distributed Sentient Framework with Python and CORBA (pdf) (postscript)
Diego López de Ipiña, Laboratory for Communications Engineering

Python for Scene and Model Description for Computer Graphics (pdf) (postscript)
Mark Tigges, Brian Wyvill, University of Calgary

Python in Education: Raising a Generation of Native Speakers (pdf) (postscript)
Frank Stajano, AT&T Laboratories Cambridge, University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory

Using Python in a High School Computer Science Program (pdf) (postscript)
Jeffrey Elkner, Yorktown High School, Arlington, Virginia

Keynote Speaker: Open Source and Venture Capital
Hadar Pedhauzur

Scientific Programming

Using Python to Modernize Astronomical Software (pdf) (postscript)
Richard L. White, Perry Greenfield, Space Telescope Science Institute

Lessons Learned in Developing PERP (Python Environment for Radar Processing) (pdf) (postscript)
Joseph VanAndel, National Center for Atmospheric Research

Climate Data Analysis Software (pdf)
Paul F. Dubois, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory


omniORBpy and omniidl—CORBA for Python
Duncan Grisby, AT&T Laboratories Cambridge

BSCW/LiveMarks: Collaborative Information Acquisition within Shared Workspaces
Volker Paulsen, Wolfgang Appelt, Thomas Kreifelts GMD - German National Research Center for Information Technology

worldpilot - a web-based Personal Information Manger and IMAP web mail client developed with Python and Zope
Ryan Hughes, WorldPilot

PythonUnit: a Unit Testing Framework for Python
Joel Shprentz, TRW

Optional Type Annotations for Python (pdf)
Paul Prescod, ISOGEN

From XML to PowerPoint via COM (pdf)
Paul Prescod, ISOGEN

Pythonic Build (pdf)
Mark Wilson, Bibliocraft Ltd

Stackless Python -- Continuations On Stage (pdf)
Christian Tismer, Mission Impossible Software Team

PythonWorks from the Secret Labs AB (pdf)
Håkan Karlsson, Secret Labs AB

ReportLab - a Python reports library for direct PDF output
Andy Robinson, Robinson Analytics Ltd.


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