IPC8 Zope Track

New at this conference is a separate Zope track, to be held in parallel with the Python track. There is no separate registration fee for the Zope track (you can switch tracks at any time), but for room allocation purposes you are requested to specify your track preference when you register.

Zope Track Schedule

Monday, January 24

(These tutorials are also listed on the Tutorial Program.)

Tutorial 1, Zope for Content Managers.

This tutorial covers the use of Zope as a platform for managed content. Attendees should have a working knowledge of web browsers, HTML, and awareness of running a web server.

  • Overview of Zope

  • Installing Zope

  • Using the Zope management environment

  • Creating and managing web content in Zope

  • Introduction to dynamic pages with DTML scripting

  • Demonstration of the Zope Portal Toolkit

Tutorial 2, Zope for Developers.

This tutorial is aimed at developers that wish to extend Zope by creating new kinds of objects or integrating external information. Attendees should be familiar with Python or other scripting languages.

  • DTML Scripting

  • Adding methods written in Python

  • Creating products with ZClasses and Python

  • Debugging

  • Integrating relational databases

Tuesday, January 25

Morning (1.5h)

  • State of the Zope Address, Paul Everitt. (15 minutes)

  • Zope Futures, Brian Lloyd. (30 minutes)

  • WorldPilot, Ryan Hughes. (45 minutes)

Afternoon (1.5h)

  • Unveiling the Portal Toolkit, Michel Pelletier. (90 minutes)


  • Zope Business Partners

  • Portal Toolkit

Wednesday, January 26

Morning (2h)

  • Zope Architecture, Jim Fulton. (30 minutes)

  • To Be Announced. (30 minutes)

  • To Be Announced. (45 minutes)

Afternoon (2h)

  • Metapublisher, Mark Pratt. (25 minutes)

  • Zope and XML, Amos Latteier. (30 minutes)

  • Object-relational development, Jim Fulton. (1h)

  • Backup talk: XML-RPC and SOAP, Amos Latteier.


  • Zope, UML, and The Unified Process