Python Conferences and Workshops

Starting in November 1994, the Python community has been organizing conferences devoted to Python. Below are links to past workshops and conferences, from most recent to the oldest. For current and upcoming workshop/conference information, see the Events page.

Sept. 2-3, 2004: SciPy 2004 (Pasadena, CA)
Focused on Python for scientific programming.

July 28-30, 2004: Python12 at OSCON 2004 (Portland, Oregon)

June 7-9, 2004: EuroPython 2004 (Göteborg, Sweden)

March 24-26, 2004: PyCon 2004 (Washington DC)

July 7-11, 2003: Python11 at OSCON 2003 (Portland, Oregon)
The Python11 Conference was part of O'Reilly's Open Source Convention.

June 25-27, 2003: EuroPython 2003 (Charleroi, Belgium)

April 2-3, 2003: Python UK Conference 2003 (Oxford, UK)

March 26-28: PyCon DC 2003 (Washington, DC)

July 22-26, 2002: O'Reilly Open Source Convention (San Diego, CA)

June 26-28, 2002: EuroPython (Charleroi, Belgium)
The European Python and Zope event.
April 4-5, 2002: Python UK Conference (Gaydon, UK)
As part of the Association of C & C++ Users (ACCU) Spring Conference 2002.

February 4-7, 2002: 10th International Python Conference (Alexandria, VA)

July 23-27, 2001: OSCON 2001 (San Diego, CA)

March 2001: 9th International Python Conference (Long Beach, CA)

Post-conference recollections by: Andrew Kuchling, Jeremy Hylton, Laura Lewin (for O'Reilly), Mike Orr (for Linux Journal).

July 17-20, 2000: O'Reilly Open Source Conference (Monterey, CA)

January 2000: 8th International Python Conference (Arlington, VA)

August 1999: Python Open Source Conference (Monterey, CA)

November 1998: 7th International Python Conference (Houston, TX)

October 1997: 6th International Python Conference (San Jose, CA)

November 1996 Workshop (with FedUnix '96; Washington, DC)

June 1996: International Python Conference IV (LLNL; Livermore, CA)

December 1995 workshop (USGS; Reston, VA)

May 1995 workshop (USGS; Menlo Park, CA)

November 1994 workshop (NIST; Gaithersburg, MD)