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Python Workshop 5

Dates: November 4-5, 1996

Hosted by FedUnix '96
Washington D.C. Convention Center
see map for details and accommodations
Cost: FREE
Because of arrangements with FedUnix, there will be no charge for attending this meeting. However, there will have a table set up to collect PSA membership fees and your generous donations, (The freeloaders should at least feel guilty:-)
Registration: Please fill out the registration form if you plan to attend the workshop.
Purpose: Session topics for this workshop have been organized based on the papers that were submitted as well as to meet short term objectives of the PSA. A full Python Conference is being planned for sometime in 1997. There are four sessions for this workshop:
  • Open Forum on Python Extensions - presentations on Python based application or extension. (Scientific Python extensions are of special interest.) - See session 1 papers and presentations.
  • Using Python with the World Wide Web - Python is a popular language for building WWW servers and several papers were submitted on the subject. The sessions were reorganized the to accommodate the papers that were submitted on this subject. - See session 2 papers and presentations.
  • Preserving Investments in Legacy Software - presentations by organizations that are using Python to preserve the valuable portions of legacy systems - See session 3 papers and presentations.
  • A session for meeting with Guido to discuss the next phase of Python's development. (Planning for Python 2.0) - See session 4 papers and presentations.
The Details:
  • The agenda
  • Papers and Presentations
  • T-shirts (TBD)
  • Tutorials - The Python workshop was added to the FedUNIX conference at the last minute. At this time it doesn't look like there will be tutorials added to the schedule.
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