Other Persistent Storage Modules

The modules listed on this page provide other mechanisms for storing data. Some modules are simply the disk-based equivalent of dictionaries; others provide for persistent storage of arbitrary Python objects.

Disk-based Dictionaries
anydbm Included with the standard Python distribution. The anydbm module is a generic interface to all the DBM-like modules listed in the next two lines, selecting from whichever modules are installed.
Included with the standard Python distribution. Each of these modules is an interface to a specific library.
BSDDB Included with the standard Python distribution. In addition to dictionary-like behaviour, this module also supports B-trees, which allows traversing the keys in sorted order.
Metakit MetaKit is a C++ library for storage, transport, and manipulation of structured objects and collections. A Python interface is available.
mxBeeBase mxBeeBase is a high performance construction kit for disk based indexed databases. It offers components which you can plug together to easily build your own custom mid-sized databases, up to around 2Gb on 32-bit platforms).
Persistent Objects
pickle.py Included with the standard Python distribution. The pickle module can convert Python objects to and from a string representation.
shelve.py Included with the standard Python distribution. Built on top of the pickle and anydbm modules, the shelve module behaves like a persistent dictionary whose values can be arbitrary Python objects.
PyPerSyst A portable object database management system (ODBMS) as well as a database application framework. PyPerSyst works well with Pyro and Twisted.
PyVersant A wrapper for the Versant commercial OODBMS.
ZODB The Zope Object Database is a persistent-object system that provides transparent transactional object persistence to Python applications.
Durus A simpler object persistence system than ZODB, developed at MEMS Exchange after substantial experience with ZODB.