Python Database Modules

The database modules listed on this page have been written to conform to the DB-SIG's proposed API.

DB/2 An interface to IBM DB2.
Informix Developed and maintained by Carsten Haese. Based on a module originally written by Stephen J. Turner.
Informix (Kinfxdb) Another informix module, called Kinfxdb. Maintained by Alexander Kuznetsov. Appears to be unavailable at the moment (or at least the hosting server has a configuration problem).

Interbase (Kinterbasdb) An interface for Interbase 4.0 and 5.0. Maintained by Alexander Kuznetsov.

Ingres For Ingres 6.4 and OpenIngres, written by Holger Meyer.
JDBC (zxJDBC) Provides a DB-API 2.0 interface on top of JDBC and JPython.
MySQL A MySQL module that is thread-safe and aims for compatibility with the 2.0 DB-API. It requires a newer version of MySQL, version 3.22.19 or higher.

mxODBC The mxODBC package provides a nearly 100% Python DB API compliant interface to databases that are accessible via the ODBC API. Many databases include ODBC libraries, so this may be the only module you need; it supports Solid, Adabas, Sybase, Oracle, and even MySQL. Maintained by M.-A. Lemburg.

ODBC interface This module is currently available in the PythonWin distribution. It's public domain code, but unfortunately has no designated support person(s). The best option for support is to ask questions on comp.lang.python newsgroups, where other PythonWin users can answer them.

DCOracle An open source interface to Oracle from Zope Corporation.

DCOracle2 A DB-API 2.0 interface to Oracle.

cx_Oracle Another Oracle interface.

PyGresQL The most commonly used Python interface to the PostgresSQL database. DB-API 2.0 compliant.

psycopg (PostgreSQL) A DB-API 2.0 compliant driver designed to support heavily multithreaded applications with many cursors. Cursors can be very short-lived since the driver has an intelligent system for reusing db connections at libpq level. Supports thread level 2.

pyPgSQL (PostgreSQL) Another DB-API 2.0 compliant interface to PostgreSQL.

PySQLite Interface to the small SQLite database engine.

sapdbapi An interface to SAP DB.

Sybase Supports "almost all" of the DB-API 2.0. Maintained by Dave Cole.

ThinkSQL A commercial relational database that supports ISO SQL and includes a DB-API 2.0 interface.