PSA as a vehicle for industrial collaboration and standardization

PSA as a mechanism for intellectual property rights management

    Follow the Laser and Electro-Optics Manf. Assoc, (LEOMA) model

    • Members must sign agreements on binding arbitration.
    • Shifts dispute resolution form confrontational to resolution focused.
    • Dispute resolution - time and cost greatly reduced.

    Build usage protection and royalty collection into download protocol

PSA as a quality control monitor

    Consumers to use the PSA stamp to guide purchasing

PSA could help build a new market

    Help small geographically distributed independent supplier compete

    Facilitates productivity and commerce by standardizing the licensing and pricing of software

    Investigate setting up an agreement with Publisher

    • Contract out as the PSA publishing house.
    • Define a series of books to be written.
    • Locate authors.
    • The books get the PSA stamp.
    • Author, PSA, and publisher share revenue.

How should the PSA do promotion and marketing?

    Promote Python, like Java, in a press campaign. What's the message?

    The PSA Python CD-ROM?

    Should the workshop fork or thread?

    • Workshop on Developing the Python Framework
      • targeted at core language gurus and extension writers, and support tool developers
    • Workshop on Using Python
      • targeted at end users who want to know how to make efficient use of Python.