Python Documentation Special Interest Group

For discussion of both the form and content of Python documentation. The SIG should work towards setting up a Python Documentation Project effort like the Linux Documentation Project.

The Doc SIG members have produced some tools:

  • HTMLgen is now available from Robin Friedrich's starship website, as well as from the Python ftp site (that's a gzipped tar file; possibly an older version). There is a discussion group about HTMLgen on eGroups.
  • Doug Hellmann has created HappyDoc, a tool for extracting documentation from Python source code.
  • Daniel Larsson's PythonDoc package is now also on starship.
  • Daniel and Robin have designated format rules for Python doc strings. These are based in part on the rules for Structured Text from Jim Fulton. This list of rules is probably out of date, and bears no "official" status.

Here is our current SIG status.