Policies for PSF Weblog

Version 1.0

(This policy is a draft; it has not yet been voted on and accepted by the Board.)

Access Policies

  • Directors will always have access to the SVN repository for entries. Therefore, board directors can always post items without requiring permission from anyone else. This access is removed when directors leave the board.
  • The Board will appoint a weblog editor, who will also be granted commit access.
  • PSF members, committees, etc. can submit items for posting to the weblog editor, who can accept or deny them. The editor may modify entries before posting them.
  • The editor serves at the pleasure of the Board, who may dismiss or replace the editor at any time following a resolution to do so.
  • The Board may take a vote to override the editor's accept/reject decisions.

Editorial Policies

  • The weblog is intended for publicizing PSF-related news. Possible news items include:
    • Announcements of PSF events at conferences
    • Status reports from committees (e.g. grant selection news, PyCon status updates)
    • Calls for PSF volunteers for a new task.
    • The availability of new board minutes, once they've been accepted.
  • The weblog is not for general Python-related news. The editor may post new releases of PSF-owned software (e.g. Python itself), but will usually not post items about arbitrary third-party Python software.
  • Because the PSF is a non-profit, entries must not take positions on political topics. For example, the PSF cannot post links to campaigns against software patents or against various US bills. Directors and members should post such material on their own weblogs.