Download Python for Other Platforms

Platforms are listed in alphabetical order.

Python for AROS

PyAROS is a port to the Amiga Research OS.

Irmen de Jong's AmigaPython is a now-unmaintained 2.0 port to the Amiga.

Python for AS/400 (OS/400) hosts an AS/400 port of Python 2.3.1, ported by Per Gummedal.

Python for BeOS

The latest version is available at BeBits. For all Python-related stuff on BeOS, search here.

Python for OS/2

Andrew MacIntyre maintains a port of Python to OS/2 here.

Older versions

Jeff Rush has assembled some resources for Python on OS/2. From there, you can download ready-to-run binaries.

Alternative Python binaries for OS/2 are available from the WPY archives, /pub/python/wpy/ on

Python for Palm OS

Pippy is Python 1.5.2 plus a few extensions, stripped down to fit on a Palm. Originally a project of Endeavors Technology, now an Open Source project at

Python for PlayStation

Erwin Coumans has completed a port of Python to the Sony PlayStation 2. Send him email for more info.

Python for Psion

Duncan Booth is porting Python 1.5 to the Psion Series 5. A preliminary version is at his web page.

There's another EPOC (Psion) Python port (v2.1) at

Python for QNX

There's a Python port to QNX at

Python for (what used to be Acorn) RISC OS

For building Python on RISC OS, have a look at RISCOS/README in the standard Python source tree.

RISC OS binaries are now available from This page also includes some pre-ported external libraries as well as RISC OS specific extensions and documentation.

It is maintained by Dietmar Schwertberger (dietmar at schwertberger dot de).

Python for Series 60

Nokia has ported Python 2.2.2 to the Symbian OS-based Series 60 smartphone platform. You can download it from Nokia's open-source site.

Python for Sparc Solaris

Try ActivePython (not open source). Of course, if you have a C compiler, building from source might be a better option. has a variety of Python versions for a variety of Solaris versions. These use the standard Sun pkgadd.

Python for VMS

A VMS port of Python 2.3.1 is available.

Older versions

Some very old versions of Python (1.1.1, 1.2 and 1.4) for VMS are available in /pub/python/vms.

Python for VxWorks

(Background info: VxWorks is an operating system for embedded computers. It's probably inside your VCR and car and lunar rover. See the WindRiver website.)

Richard Wolff has a web page with some info about porting Python to VxWorks, and a patch set for Python 1.5.2.

Jeff Stearns also ported Python, in his case version 1.5.1, to VxWorks. For more info, email him at jeffstearns at home dot com.

Python for Sharp Zaurus

Phil Thompson maintains a port of Python to the Sharp Zaurus PDA.

What's there should work fine, but not all modules have been ported. The modules have been packaged into related "collections". Some modules have been slightly (and transparently) changed to reduce inter-module dependencies. The selection of modules has been based on the assumption that the Zaurus will be used as a client rather than a server or development platform. All to do with reducing memory footprint.