Source Access Via Subversion

All Python's source code, and a considerable amount of other material, is maintained in a Subversion (SVN) repository. This FAQ entry describes how Subversion is used by Python developers, and details the URLs needed to access the repository. You can also subscribe for notification of new checkins via email.

NOTE: The Python source was formerly maintained on SourceForge, a public repository of tens of thousands of Open Source projects, using the CVS distributed source code control system. This repository is no longer current, and should not be used except for historical research.

You can see the access instructions for the original repository, or you can view the CVS repository online.

If you plan on generating patches to Python, we highly encourage you to grab a Subversion snapshot, and generate patches against it. It is possible that your problem has already been fixed, and if not, it makes our job of integrating your changes much easier if it applicable to the current source code. Consult the Python Developer's Guide for more information about how Python is developed.