Computer Programming for Everybody

This is the home page for the Computer Programming for Everybody (CP4E) project.

Many people are eager to discuss CP4E. The educational side of CP4E is generally discussed in the Python in Education Special Interest group (edu-sig). The software side is often discussed in the IDLE Development mailing list.

CP4E Timeline

Unfortunately, the move of the Python development team to other employers meant that we didn't get to complete the CP4E project at CNRI. This move was motivated in a large part by the disappointingly small amount of funding that DARPA committed to CP4E.

The project is now in limbo; we're still interested, and we're still working on IDLE, but we aren't actively pursuing the other goals of CP4E. Others are, however; this is generally discussed in the EDU-SIG mailing list.


More resources are listed on the pages below:

  • Python in Education Special Interest Group (edu-sig)
  • IDLE - Python's own Interactive DeveLopment Environment
  • DARPA proposal - where it all started
  • Discussion of CP4E on Ward Cunningham's original Wiki.