IDLE - an Integrated DeveLopment Environment for Python

A stable version of IDLE is now being distributed with each Python distribution. Unix users should check the Tools/idle/ subdirectory of the source distribution; Windows users should look under Start -> Programs -> Python -> IDLE.

The experimental version of IDLE developed as the IDLEfork project on SourceForge has been re-intergrated with the standard Python distribution in Python 2.3.

Here's some IDLE documentation, written by Daryl Harms.

Danny Yoo wrote an extremely gentle introduction to IDLE: One Day of IDLE Toying.

If you want to contribute to IDLE, please join the IDLE-dev mailing list for IDLE developers. This is where we set priorities and hash out designs.

If you're interested in IDLE, you may also be interested in the EDU-SIG - a Special Interest Group on the use of Python in Education. IDLE receives an occasional mention there.