Using ZODB without Zope

Stand-Alone ZODB BoF, Wednesday, 6 Feb 2002

The ZODB is the Zope Object DataBase and is the object store for the Zope CMS/Toolkit. This BoF was to discuss the uses of the ZODB outside of the Zope framework.

Approximately 20 Pythonistas attended this somewhat abbreviated (40-minute) after-lunch BoF. Several persons had some experience with the subject matter, many others were interested in listening to what uses were possible with the ZODB.

Several members were not familiar with ZODB, and some of the conversation was about differences between RDBMS systems and the ZODB (many!).

Jim Fulton of Zope Corporation was available and answered questions from the group.

Greg Ward of the MEMS Exchange talked about how they use the ZODB to store information pertaining to the construction of Micro-Electronic Machines.

Jeff Sasmor, an independent, spoke about and demonstrated his experimental project that has ported the Object File System (the wrapper around the ZOBD that is what Zope users actually use) to be used for platform (i.e., non-web) applications.