Python10 Developers' Day Lightning Talks

There were many excellent talks given during the lightning talks session. Here are notes and links for those talks.

Speaker: Greg Ward
Affiliation: MEMS Exchange
Title: Grouch
Grouch is a system for describing and enforcing a Python object schema. That is, it provides you with a language for describing the intended type signatures of your objects (collectively, the "object schema"), and tools to walk an object graph, checking that every value found matches your object schema. This talk will describe the Grouch type system, and cover how we use Grouch at the MEMS Exchange to verify database integrity "after-the-fact".

Speaker: Ka-Ping Yee
Affiliation: University of California, Berkeley
Title: Discussion Mapping for Mailing Lists
Structured mapping and coordination techniques are effective for making sense of conversations and building organizational memory. We present a new method for summarizing e-mail that brings these benefits to mailing lists. Our technique leverages existing e-mail conventions instead of requiring participants to communicate within an imposed framework. Our prototype processes a standard e-mail folder, automatically generating a concise, conversation-like overview of the discussion in progress.

Stuff from Ka-Ping's lightning talk: gnutella visualization, Fly Enhancer genome search engine, sample output from the mail archiver.

Speaker: Itamar Shtull-Trauring
Affiliation: Zoteca
Title: Zope3 on Twisted: the Dynamic Duo
Twisted is an event-driven framework for internet servers. Zope3 is the next generation Zope system. Together, they fight crime!

Speaker: Bruce Eckel
Affiliation: MindView, inc.
Title: Thinking in Python: The Book
"Thinking in Python" is a downloadable book, a work in progress (current version 0.1). The project includes the "BackTalk" comment collection built with Zope.

Speaker: Andrew Kuchling
Affiliation: MEMS Exchange
RELAX NG (or RNG) is a schema language for XML. Schema languages let you check whether an XML document conforms to a given schema: that it follows a certain structure of elements and attributes.

Slides for RELAX NG, by Andrew Kuchling.

Speaker: Moshe Zadka
Affiliation: TwistedMatrix
Title: PMS - Python MUA Framework
PMS is an MUA framework. It is designed to facilitate writing MUAs in Python, and has interfaces to allow extendability both with new mail storage backends and new front ends.

Speaker Ken Seehof
Affiliation: n/a
Title: Neural Integrator
Neural Integrator is a visual programming environment for prototyping and developing neural networks and other directed graph based programming models. It is extremely configurable and programmable, and has a graphical user interface that won't get in your way.

Speaker: Robin Friedrich
Affiliation: United Space Alliance
Title: Workflow Automation / Shuttle Engineers Leverage Python to Streamline Mission Design
Engineers at NASA JSC are using Python to build a system to help automate the production tasks used for shuttle mission planning. Mission design is a complex series of interrelated tasks coupled with thousands of data parameters all of which must be kept consistent. The data is being organized in a relational database but the task and data dependencies are managed by a Python application. This way engineers are notified automatically when their input data and products are available, allowing immediate execution of downstream applications with reliable data.

Speaker: Anthony Baxter
Affiliation: n/a
Title: CallProfiler
We've just released CallProfiler, a zope product for profiling your zope site.

Speaker: Kapil Thangavelu
Affiliation: n/a
Title: Gideon
Gideon is a protoype Python module repository.