Tkinter Documentation

At the moment, there is no complete reference documentation on Tkinter, but one substantial book is available. The following all form pieces of the puzzle.

  • Thinking in Tkinter is an introduction to some basic Tkinter programming concepts
  • The Pythonware Library contains the most up-to-date reference documentation available:

  • Graphical User Interfaces with Tk, a chapter from the Python Library Reference.

  • Online Tcl/Tk Manual Pages - the official man pages at the Tcl Developer Xchange, various versions.

  • The books.
    • Python and Tkinter Programming by John Grayson is the first book concentrating on Tkinter and Pmw programming.
    • Programming Python by Mark Lutz has lots of Tkinter stuff. Some books on Tk may also be helpful. (Many people find Ousterhout's own Tcl/Tk book only marginally useful for Tkinter users: too much emphasis on Tcl.)

  • The New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology created its own Tkinter manual. It is available in HTML and PDF.
  • The Tkinter Life Preserver, by Matt Conway is still useful, though way out of date. It's the only document that explains how to read the Tcl/Tk manuals and translate the information there to Tkinter calls. Several incarnations:
    • Online, converted to HTML by Ken Manheimer.
    • HTML in a gzipped tar file.
    • Postscript in a gzipped tar file (based on an older version).

  • The source. When all else fails: Read The Source, Luke!
    • Demo/tkinter/ in the Python source distribution. This contains many helpful examples, including updated versions of Matt Conway's examples.
    • Lib/lib-tk/ in any Python distribution.

  • Search for "Tkinter" on the Python and starship web sites; or go directly to Case Roole's Tkinter Miscellany page on starship.

  • Other prominent Tcl/Tk sites: