Python-Help - A Private Mailing List for Questions About Python

The python-help mailing list is for posing questions about Python to Python "wizards" - experienced volunteers who are interested in sharing their knowledge. Hopefully they will be able to answer your questions, or at least steer you in the right direction.

Note that you should not subscribe to this list - subscriptions are only for the helpers. The questions are kept between the helpers and the questioner.

Please be respectful of the helpers. Before posting, check for your answers in the Python documentation (including manuals, guides, a FAQ, etc). You also might find your answers in a search of the Python web site and newsgroup.

When posing questions, be succinct but thorough. In particular, be sure to include the Python version and the platform on which you are running it. Specifics about error messages and relevant code can go a long way to clarifying the problem - and helping us to provide you with an answer!

For other, more public sources of python expertise, check out the general python newsgroup, comp.lang.python - it also exists as a mailing list, (Subscriptions to the maillist should be directed to