Python Distutils-SIG: Introduction

The Distutils-SIG exists to discuss the design and implementation of a suite of standard Distribution Utilities for Python. The goal of the Distribution Utilities (`distutils') is to make building, distributing, and installing Python modules, extensions, and applications painless and standardized.


The SIG grew out of a Developer's Day session at the Seventh International Python Conference on Friday, November 13, 1998. That session reached a rough consensus on the goals, scope and interface for the distutils suite; a summary of that session is available on the conference web site. (And that session grew out of a office-hallway gripe session between Greg Ward [your humble narrator], Andrew Kuchling and Fred Drake, but that's not available on the web.)

What's Available

Interested in learning more or trying out the Distutils? These other project web pages are available:

  • the Distutils documentation page: includes the Distutils manuals (future additions to the Python documentation set) and requirements/design documents
  • download the Distutils
  • CVS access: stable releases too boring? try the latest development code instead!
  • mailing list: join in the discussion or view the archives