About Python Special Interest Groups

The PSA maintains a number of Special Interest Groups (SIGs) for collaborative efforts to develop, improve or maintain specific Python resources. Each SIG has a charter, a coordinator, a mailing list, and a directory on the Python website. SIG membership is defined by subscription to the SIG's mailing list. Anyone can join a SIG, and participate in the development discussions via the SIG's mailing list.

The SIG mailing lists are managed by GNU Mailman, a web-based interface for mailing lists written in Python.

The SIG index lists all active SIGs. The link in the first column directs you to the SIG's home page: a page with more information about the SIG. The links in the "Info" column direct you to the SIG's archives, and to the SIG's Mailman page, which oyu can use to subscribe or unsubscribe yourself and to change your subscription options.

There is also a list of retired SIGs; these are SIGs that existed in the past but are no longer active. Their archives and home pages are retained. A retired SIG can be revived, using the same criteria as for creating a new SIG.


All SIG mailing lists are archived.

  • python.org hosts the Mailman archives. Click on the link in the "Archive" column below for the archive of your favorite SIG.
  • The archives at Yahoo Groups are an alternative.