Wednesday, March 24
9:00am Keynote: Mitch Kapor
10:00am Break
Web Programming I Applications I
10:30am Introduction to Mod_Python
Grisha Trubetskoy
"Scripting Language" My Arse: Using Python for Voice over IP
Anthony Baxter
11:00am Nevow: A Web Application Construction Kit
Donovan Preston
Two Impromptus, or How Python Helped Us Design Our Kitchen
Andrew Koenig
11:30am Tutorial: Introduction to Quixote
A.M. Kuchling
A multi-language code intelligence engine for code browsing support in a commercial IDE
Trent Mick
noon Lunch
Implementation Math and Science
1:15pm IronPython: a fresh look at Python on .Net
Jim Hugunin
Python in Chemical and Bioinformatics
Andrew Dalke
1:45pm Faster than C: Static Type Inference with Starkiller
Michael Salib
A Finite Volume PDE Solver Using Python
Daniel Wheeler and Jon Guyer
2:15pm PyPy - implementing Python in Python
Jacob HallÚn
Data Extraction and Analysis Program
Amy L. Shelton
2:45pm From Python to PLT Scheme
Daniel Silva
Modeling of a Fuel Fabrication Facility Using Python and SimPy
J.D. Doak
3:15pm Break
Twisted Language
3:45pm The View From ATOP: Simple but Powerful Persistence using Python and BSDDB
Glyph Lefkowitz
Iterators and Generators
Thomas Wouters
4:15pm Translucent Inter-Process Service Migration
Jean-Paul Calderone
How Python is Developed
Brett Cannon
4:45pm no talk no talk
Thursday, March 25
9:00am Keynote: Guido van Rossum
10:00am Break
Pyrex Zope
10:30am Optimizing Python Code with Pyrex
Paul Prescod
Zope Development Roadmap
Jim Fulton
11:00am Building C Extensions for Python with Pyrex
Paul Prescod
Python, Zope, and PostgreSQL
Joel Burton
11:30am Developing Online Classroom Tools with Zope
Nathan R. Yergler
noon Lunch
GUI and 3D OO Tutorials
1:15pm GTK and Gnome Programming with Python
Travis B. Hartwell
New-Style Class Tutorial
Thomas Wouters
1:45pm The Panda3D Engine - Python Scripting for Game and Simulation Development
Shalin Shodhan
2:15pm High Level 3D Graphics Programming in Python
Tamer Fahmy
Metaclasses, Who, Why, When
Mike C. Fletcher
2:45pm Creating Python Bindings for Large C++ Frameworks
Tamer Fahmy
3:15pm Break
Applications II Testing and Documentation
3:45pm Python and Real-World Devices
George Belotsky
Epydoc: an API documentation generation tool
Edward Loper
4:15pm Spam Filtering with Exim and Python
A.M. Kuchling
Literate unit testing: Unit Testing with Doctest
Jim Fulton
4:45pm Using Python as an Extension Language
Rick Ratzel
Twelve Thousand Test Cases and Counting
Phil Pfeiffer
Friday, March 26
9:00am Keynote: Bruce Eckel
10:00am Break
Web Programming II Distribution and Applications III
10:30am FormEncode, a validation and form generation package
Ian Bicking
Distribution Basics - Using "distutils"
Anna Ravenscroft
11:00am Web Services for Python
Christopher Blunck
Packaging Python with Microsoft Installer
Martin v. L÷wis
11:30am Setting a Context for the Web User
Steve Holden
The Natural Language Toolkit
Edward Loper
noon Lunch
Education Flour, Water, Macintosh
1:15pm Promoting Computer Literacy Through Programming Python
John Miller
Flour and water make bread
David Ascher
1:45pm GvR: Karel the Robot meets Python
Jeffrey Elkner
60 Minutes of MacPython
Bob Ippolito
2:15pm Python in the Mathematics Curriculum
Kirby Urner
2:45pm PyGeo: An Adventure in Self-directed Education with Python
Arthur Siegel
no talk

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