Ballroom A-E Ballroom F-J Bent Tree Preston Trail
07:30 Registration opens
09:00 Plenary: Chair's opening remarks
09:15 Plenary: Limi & Runyan keynote
10:30 Break
10:50 Python in Your Pocket: Python for Series 60 Vertebral Fracture Analysis   Decimal for beginners
11:25 Creating Presentations With Docutils and S5 Python tools for regional hydrologic modeling in South Florida   Python in Business : Thyme, a business-oriented Python development framework.
12:00 An Interactive Adventure Game Engine Built Using Pyparsing pysense: Humanoid Robots, a Wearable System, and Python   The State of Dabo
12:30 Lunch
13:20 Django tutorial Introduction to Pyparsing: An Object-oriented Easy-to-Use Toolkit for Building Recursive Descent Parsers   State-of-the-art Python IDEs
14:10 TurboGears Tutorial Understanding Unicode   Open
14:55 Break
15:15 Extending the life of CVS with Python Teaching Python - Anecdotes from the Field   vobject - An iCalendar Library
15:50 Making Apples from Applesauce: The Evolution of cvs2svn Python at Home : In Control   Zanshin: Zen and the Art of Network Client Programming
16:25 bazaar-ng distributed version control SAM: Transforming a commandline tool to Web 3000 (c)   Osh: An Open-Source Python-Based Object-Oriented Shell
16:55 Break (no snacks)
17:10     PSF meeting Open


Ballroom A-E Ballroom F-J Preston Trail
08:00 Registration opens
09:00 Plenary: GvR keynote
10:30 Break
10:50 State of Zope Processing XML with ElementTree Implementation of the Python Bytecode Compiler
11:40 Introduction to Zope Application Development Developing an Internationalized Application in Python: Chandler a case study Scripting .NET with IronPython
12:25 Lunch
13:15 Gamma: An Atom Publishing Protocol implementation for Zope 3 Large-scale, cross-platform synchronization using embedded python Cuaima MetaInstaller. New tool for managing System's Installations.
13:50 entransit, a content deployment system Internet Access via Anti-Virus Policy Enforcement Software and Messaging Service Packaging Programs with py2exe
14:25 New Tools for Testing Web Applications with Python Python Can Survive In The Enterprise Building Pluggable Software with Eggs
14:55 Break
15:15 Introduction to CMF Application Development Extensible Desktop Applications: Abusing the Zope 3 Project Open
16:00 Break (no food)
16:15 Plenary: Lightning Talks
17:20 Plenary: Conference Feedback


Ballroom A-E Ballroom F-J Preston Trail
08:00 Registration opens
09:00 Plenary: Bram Cohen keynote
10:30 Break
10:50 The Rest Of The Web Stack Stackless Python in EVE Online Desktop Application Programming With PyGTK and Glade
11:25 Effective AJAX with TurboGears Agile open-source methods, Businesses and EU Funding Simplifying Red-Black Trees
12:00 Using Django to supercharge Web development PyPy -- where we are now Agile Documentation: using tests as documentation
12:30 Lunch
13:20 Mission-Critical Python and the Brave New Web PyPy architecture session Docutils Developers Tutorial: Architecture, Extending, and Embedding
14:10 Beyond Scripting: Using Python to create a medical information system with graphical template and database schema design IronPython Implementation What is Nabu?
14:55 Break
15:15 Plenary: Conference closing address
15:35 Plenary: Sprint introductions
16:40 Plenary: PyCon 2007 kickoff