PyCon DC 2005 Program


A Wiki version of this schedule, this partial list of links to papers and a list of abstracts are also available. Authors are encouraged to edit the Wiki pages and add links to additional material.

Wednesday, March 23
Track 1 Track 2 Track 3 Open Track
9:00 PyCon DC 2005: Welcome and Orientation
Steve Holden, PyCon Chair
9:30 Python on the .NET Platform
Jim Hugunin, Microsoft Corporation
10:30 Break
11:00 State of Zope
Jim Fulton
Extreme Programming with Python in the Classroom
Michael Weigend
Scripting the Mac with Python
Jacob Kaplan-Moss
A quick 'n dirty Python IPC mechanism
11:30 SchoolBell: a Zope 3 Calendar Server
Tom Hoffman
py.test and the py lib
Holger Krekel
Introduction to PyObjC
Bob Ippolito
Open Space
12:00 Sprint Reports and Feedback
Steve Holden
Cancelled: CMFEditions Internals
Agile Testing with Python Test Frameworks
Grig Gheorghiu
PyObjC Hacking
Bob Ippolito
Hypertoons in VPython
12:30 Lunch
1:30 PyWebOff: Mapping the Python Web Application Frameworks
Michelle Levesque
matplotlib - from Brain Surgery to Rocket Science
John Hunter and Perry Greenfield
Decimal Module for Beginners
Michael Chermside
Open Space
2:00 WSGIKit: Utilizing WSGI as a platform for inter-framework cooperation
Ian Bicking
A Python Preprocessing Framework for Hydrologic Modeling
Dr. Vic Kelson / WHPA Inc.
Decimal Data Type
Facundo Batista
Open Space
2:30 Developing Responsive GUI Applications Using HTML and HTTP
Donovan Preston
MultiDrizzle: Astronomical Image Analysis Software for Python
Warren J. Hack
Open Space Adapters
3:00 Break
3:30 Design Patterns and Python OOP: Objects by Design
Alex Martelli
MissionEngine: Multi-system Integration - Python in the Tactical Language Project
Prasan D. Samtani
Python Q&A Python at Subaru Telescope
4:00 Object-Oriented Design with Python
Bruce Eckel
Intuition and Python Programming - the Python Visual Sandbox
Michael Weigend
Open Space How Python is Developed
4:30 Traits - The Next Generation
David Morrill
Open Space Open Space Build Web Applications with Aquarium
5:00 Break
5:30 PyPy and Type Inference
Armin Rigo
Python in the IT Field
Greg Lindstrom
PyCon 2006 Kickoff Meeting
PyCon 2006 organizers
Open Space
6:00 Localized Type-Inference in Python
Brett Cannon
OpenLaszlo: A Python Success Story
Oliver Steele
Schevo Q&A
6:30 A Layered Event System to Provide Method Extensibility
Jim Fulton
Open Space
Thursday, March 24
Track 1 Track 2 Track 3 Open Track
9:00 The State of Python
Guido van Rossum, Elemental Security
10:00 What is the PSF? Q&A
The PSF Board and Officers
10:30 Break
11:00 An Introduction to Building Chandler Parcels
Ted Leung / Katie Capps Parlante
Studying African Lions in the Serengeti Ecosystem with Python
Michael Urban
Open Space Open Space
11:30 Cross Platform Desktop Applications with Python
Nathan R Yergler
Profiling and Visualizing Python Program Behavior
Clinton Jeffery
12:00 Keep it Simple with PythonCard
Kevin Altis
The Roundup Issue Tracker
Richard Jones
12:30 Lunch
1:30 Developing Database Applications with Schevo
Matthew Scott
Breaking the Rules of Commercial Software Development
John Pinner
Lightning Talks Open Space
2:00 Dabo, the 3-tier Database Application Framework
Ed Leafe
The Compete File System: File System Virtualization Using Python
Christopher Gillett
2:30 Durus: A Persistence System
David Binger
Scratching an Itch - How to Insure your Book Collection with PyAmazon et al
Michael Bernstein
3:00 Break
3:30 Descriptors, Decorators, Metaclasses: Python's "Black Magic"
Alex Martelli
Pychinko: A Native Python Rule Engine
Yarden Katz
Query-directed Data Mining using Python and Parallel Processing
Christopher Gillett
Open Space
4:00 Descriptors: from Functional Wart to Decorator Madness via Properties
Mike C Fletcher
Writing Efficient Rule-Driven Software in Python
Philip J Eby
Stupidity and Laser Cat Toys: Indexing the US Patent Database with Xapian, Twisted, and Nevow
Michael Salib
4:30 Iterators and Generators: It Ain't Your Gramp's Loop Any More!
Alex Martelli
Integrating RDF in Python Applications
Nathan R Yergler
The Time of Day
Anna Ravenscroft
5:00 Break
5:15 PSF Member Meeting
Friday, March 25
Track 1 Track 2 Track 3 Open Track
9:00 Python at Google
Greg Stein, Google
10:00 Break
10:30 Sequential Code in an Event-Driven World
Nat Goodspeed
How to Build an Air Traffic Control System
Neal Norwitz
Acceptance of XML in the Python Community
Fred L Drake, Jr.
Open Space
11:00 Python for Series 60
Erik Smartt
Pulling Java Lucene into Python: PyLucene
Andi Vajda
Yarn: Working with Messages in Diverse Formats and Protocols
Abe Fettig
11:30 Improving Python's Memory Allocator
Evan Jones
Advanced Server Side Programming in Jython
S Prasanna
Documentation Costs Avoided Using Python and other Open Standards
Andrew Fine
12:00 Lunch
1:00 Happy Hooking: Designing Software for Extensibility and Customization
Ed Leafe
Fast Networking with Python
Itamar Shtull-Trauring
Lightning Talks Open Space
1:30 Envisage - An Extensible Application Framework
Martin Chilvers
Streaming Python
Thomas Vander Stichele
2:00 Break
2:30 pyblosxom: A Microkernel Approach to Blogging
Ted Leung
The Personal Internet Endpoint: Using Python and Twisted to Write Reliable Peer-To-Peer Programs
Glyph Lefkowitz
Panel: Convention Feedback
PyCon 2005 organizers
Open Space
3:00 Conference Closes