Python Package Manager

This is the home page for the Python Package Manager.

The Python Package Manager is currently only available for MacPython 2.3 on Mac OS X. For information on using it you are referred to the Apple Help Book installed with MacPython, available through the Help menu of the PythonIDE.

Note that while Apple has included most of MacPython 2.3 in OSX 10.3 by default, this is not the case for the Package Manager, so you will need to download the MacPython 2.3 Additions for Panther to use the Package Manager.

Available databases

Package Manager will automatically select the package database that corresponds to your version of Mac OS X, Python and Package Manager. If this fails, for instance because you have installed a very new version of Mac OS X, you can open a different database in the standalone Package Manager (not in the Package Manager built in to the IDE). If you do this you should keep in mind that you are threading untested ground.

In general, micro release differences for Mac OS X or Python should not be much of a problem, i.e. a database for 10.2.5 will probably work on 10.2.6. For packages you build from source there is even a good chance things will work if minor versions are different.

To try a different database select an copy the URL of one of the links below and paste it into the File->Open URL... dialog of Package Manager: