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The Spread Module has a new home; releases newer than version 1.4 can be found there. The new home is at:


Spread Module 1.4

Release date: October 23, 2003

This is a Python extension module for Spread, an open source group communications package. The extension module was written by engineers at Zope Corporation, primarily Jeremy Hylton, Guido van Rossum and Tim Peters. It is released under the standard PSF open source license.

Here is basic documentation for the Spread Module; it assumes familiarity with the Spread man pages.

Read praise for the Spread Module by Bill Scherer in comp.lang.python.

See various usage examples of this module by Gian Paolo Ciceri at pyhacks.suddenthinks.com.

What's New in Version 1.4

  • Updated to use the libraries supplied by Spread 3.17 (now required).
  • Added PyPI / Trove metadata to setup.py.


This code works with Python 2.1, Python 2.2, and Python 2.3. It doesn't work with earlier Python versions. It should work with later versions.

The code requires Spread 3.17.1.

Operating systems
The code works on various Linux versions (e.g. Red Hat 7.2 and Mandrake 8.1), and on Windows 98; we expect that it works fine on various Unix platforms as long as you have Spread and Python working.


Previous Versions

Getting Help

For help with Spread, please use Spread's website, FAQ and mailing list.


This product uses software developed by Spread Concepts LLC for use in the Spread toolkit. For more information about Spread see http://www.spread.org.