Emacs Goodies

Here is a slightly random collection of Emacs goodies, some of which will help you with your Python programming. Most work for both the latest XEmacs 20 and 21 and GNU Emacs 20 and 21 versions, and some even work for XEmacs 19 and GNU Emacs 19, with a little work. Note that as of version 22, GNU Emacs has a new Python mode, python.el.

Please also see Barry Warsaw's Elisp packages for some more up-to-date versions of these files.

  • python-mode (off-site link): An Emacs mode for editing Python source code.
  • reporter.el: An Emacs package that helps other package authors easily integrate bug reporting facilities.
  • elp.el: An Emacs Lisp Profiler
  • xrdb-mode.el: An Emacs mode for editing X window resource database files.
  • outdent.el by Ken Manheimer: Indentation-based outline exposure and maneuvering
  • The Emacs Language Sensitive Editor (ELSE) by Peter Milliken: This is an Emacs minor mode package that provides language sensitive editing. Python language templates are available.
  • Pymacs by François Pinard: A powerful bridge between Python and Emacs Lisp.