python-dev Summary for 2004-12-16 through 2004-12-31

This is a summary of traffic on the python-dev mailing list from December 16, 2004 through December 31, 2004. It is intended to inform the wider Python community of on-going developments on the list. To comment on anything mentioned here, just post to comp.lang.python (or email python-list at python dot org which is a gateway to the newsgroup) with a subject line mentioning what you are discussing. All python-dev members are interested in seeing ideas discussed by the community, so don't hesitate to take a stance on something. And if all of this really interests you then get involved and join python-dev!

This is the fifty-fifth summary written by Brett Cannon (I have been doing this for too long...).

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Summary Announcements

You can still register for PyCon. The schedule of talks is now online. Jim Hugunin is lined up to be the keynote speaker on the first day with Guido being the keynote on Thursday. Once again PyCon looks like it is going to be great.

On a different note, as I am sure you are all aware I am still about a month behind in summaries. School this quarter for me has just turned out hectic. I think it is lack of motivation thanks to having finished my 14 doctoral applications just a little over a week ago (and no, that number is not a typo). I am going to for the first time in my life come up with a very regimented study schedule that will hopefully allow me to fit in weekly Python time so as to allow me to catch up on summaries.

And this summary is not short because I wanted to finish it. 2.4 was released just before the time this summary covers so most stuff was on bug fixes discovered after the release.


PEP movements

I introduced a proto-PEP to the list on how one can go about changing CPython's bytecode. It will need rewriting once the AST branch is merged into HEAD on CVS. Plus I need to get a PEP number assigned to me. =)

Contributing threads:
Handling versioning within a package

The suggestion of extending import syntax to support explicit version importation came up. The idea was to have something along the lines of import foo version 2, 4 so that one can have packages that contain different versions and to provide an easy way to specify which version was desired.

The idea didn't fly, though. The main objection was that import-as support was all you really needed; import foo_2_4 as foo. And if you had a ton of references to a specific package and didn't want to burden yourself with explicit imports, one can always have a single place before code starts executing doing import foo_2_4; sys.modules["foo"] = foo_2_4. And that itself can even be lower by creating a file that does the above for you.

You can also look at how wxPython handles it at .

Contributing threads:

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