Submitting to the Python Job Board

The Python Job Board is for real jobs only (that is, only for paid openings that currently exist and are actively being hired for) that have some connection with the Python programming language. If there doesn't seem to be a Python connection, the submission may be ignored.

Requests for volunteer help will not be posted on the jobs page. If you have some Python-related volunteer post, please post a description in the Wiki on the VolunteerOpportunities page; register with the Wiki and then follow the 'EditText' link at the bottom of the Wiki page.

Descriptions should be sent in plain-text ASCII, or use our template below. Please don't use non-text formats. Descriptions may be edited for brevity, clarity, or uniformity.

Please send the following information to jobs at python dot org:

  • Name of hiring company or agency (tell us if you're an agency)
  • Geographic location of opening
  • Short descriptions of position, requirements, and company
  • What your company or client uses Python for
  • E-mail contact
  • Other contact info (optional)
  • URL for more information

Don't forget to send us email when the job gets filled, too! Job listings may be deleted after three months, and shall be deleted after six months.

Job Posting Template

We use a lightweight markup syntax called reStructuredText. Using the template lets the posting get dropped in with minimal changes, and may improve response time. It should be possible to cut-and-paste from this page into an email client or editor and fill in the details:

`Sample Company Inc. <>`__ (New York, NY, USA)

**Job Description**: Short descriptions of position, requirements,
company - break into sections if desired.

**What Python is used for**: if it's not obvious from the Job Description.

* **Contact**: J. Random HR Manager
* **E-mail contact**:
* **Other Contact Info**: other contact info if desired.
* **Web**: url for more information.