Extension Modules and Basic Applications

Moderator: Aaron Watters
Date: Wed May 24
URL: http://www.python.org/misc/workshop5-95/extModulesNotes.html

Work in Progress Reports

Python and the Web (Guido van Rossum)

SQL in Python, Python in SQL (Aaron Watters)

Andrew Kuchlings's Python Cryptographer's toolkit (Ken Manheimer)

Khoros module - an image processing package (Raymond Suorsa - NASA)

Fortran Matrix extension (Jim Fulton - USGS)

MMACE's application execution control panel (Michael McLay)

Career Web (Eric Bouck)

InfoSeek (Andy Benskey & Jim Roskind- InfoSeek)

The PLplot module (Michael McLay)

Identifying important extensions, current and future (Michael McLay)

contributing modules to the PSA

Executable HTML documents (Diane Hackborn - Oregon State University)