email package SIG

The email package is a standard Python package that comes with Python. This SIG's mission is to define, implement, enhance, and maintain the email package for Python. Goals include:
  • buffing the last <wink> of the rough edges off the API
  • adding a more lenient feed parser
  • adding support for any additional email RFCs
  • maintaining (some) backward compatibility with email 2.x.

These goals have largely been accomplished, and email 3.0 final is available for download. This is identical to the version of that is available in the Python 2.4 final release. email 3.0 is compatible with Python 2.3 and 2.4.

If you need compatibility with older Python versions, use email version 2.5.6. This release is compatible with Python 2.1.3 (which does not come with the email package).

There is, of course, always more to do, so please join the email sig mailing list (archives) for further discussions on the direction of this SIG. Note that this SIG replaces the old mimelib project at SourceForge. Use the Python project trackers for all bug reports.

The tarball is signed with Barry Warsaw's OpenPGP key ID ED9D77D5.